View Full Version : 5x4 contacts

big paul
13th September 2017, 11:03 PM
I have amongst other thing been contact printing all my 5x4 negs I have taken so far ,a while back I bought two boxes of Ilford RC paper on a roll they are 10.2x152m.. the 5x4 film was fomapan 100 and I got a nice contact print with a grade 3 filter ,its funny when things come together ,now I am shooting 5x4 them rolls of paper have come in to there own the 5x4 negative fits just right on the paper roll.I also done two sheets contacts for my 35mm and three for my 645 on 10x8 RC..
and because I had so much RC paper to dry I got my old RC handy dryer out gave it a wipe down cleaned the rollers and dried the lot ,also they seem to come up more glossy than when air dried ,I only printed four 10x8 prints .I have just put everything away all my prints are dry and ready to have a good long look at ,but I will leave that till tomorrow ,the only down side to all this is I have had the maximum amount of pain killers I can take in a day and I am still in pain ,but its worth all the pain, just for the pleasure I get from printing my films ..