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2nd April 2010, 03:09 AM
The new Lodima Fine Art Silver Chloride paper, that we have been trying to have made for five years finally arrived and has shipped. Those in the UK who purchased it should be receiving their paper this week.

We have paper in stock and more information is at www.michaelandpaula.com under "azo." Those making contact prints might want to give it a try.

Below are the first comments we received from folks who purchased the paper.

Michael A. Smith

Dear Michael

Just a short note to tell you how beautiful your new paper is and I hope to write it up for your azo forum soon. Easily the best BW prints I've ever made. One image shot on Bergger film has astounding range and they all have super blacks. What a time saver to have one paper/developer for all my BW contact printing instead of the usual endless struggling.



I received the paper. It was worth the wait!
Prints nicely with Dektol for a neutral to warm color;
Prints well with Sprint Quicksilver for a bluish black image;
Dries down with minimal density shift;
Works well with Kodak selenium toner;
I like the weight of the paper light enough to contact print well and;
Paper heavy enough to not get easily damaged during handling;
Paper shrinkage during drying is negligible.
Presses out flat nicely with a warm dry-mount press.

I hope you plan to stock this paper so I may order more in the future.
Best regards,

It is as beautiful as the first batch we received last year except this is flat as RC paper and a real pleasure to use.

Dear Michael and Paula,

Just a word of thanks for all the time and effort it has taken you over the past few years to bring Lodima paper to market. Well worth the wait.

Is the paper Azo? No, I think it is much nicer. It has a lovely scale, tone and paper surface which I find much more appealing. As someone else has mentioned the weight is between the card stock of double weight and the single weight of the old Azo which at first frightened me but I found fine to work with. I also found that the paper is very close to being speed matched between the grades.

Toning is as finicky as Azo was too strong or long a time in the toning bath will turn the image a very warm brown, but which when dry cools down a bit but will still be too warm a tone for many. But toning is a personal preference that can easily be controlled but time and dilution.

While Im sure that you will get as many different opinions and ideas as you had addresses, the paper is beautiful and a pleasure to print with.

Jim Kipfer

Trevor Crone
5th April 2010, 01:45 PM
Thanks Michael - looking forward to my shipment in due course :)

Although I still have some of the pre-production batch I'm looking forward to putting this productions grade 2 through its paces.