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film and darkroom user   -   the developing forum
Welcome to the Film and Darkroom User Forum
FADU is the natural home for anyone with an interest in the use of film and the darkroom, whether you are an amateur or professional.   On FADU you can show your work, exchange tips and techniques, and correspond with many like minded individuals.

You'll find there's no shortage of things to get involved with, from the monthly print exchanges, using the albums and gallery, attending photographic outings and workshops, and much more.   You will get to know lots of friendly photographers along the way.

There's lots more planned, so join today (it's completely free!), and be a part of one of the most enthusiastic photography communities on the internet.

FADU has been specifically created to cater for the film and darkroom user so why not drop in and say ‘hello’ - you can be assured of a very warm welcome.

Best regards, Barry, Bill, Bob, Dave, Neil & Tudor.
Registering & Getting the Best from the Forum
  • Help on most items can be found in the FAQs section here.
  • Please use at least your first name to create a meaningful user name when registering.  General registration information can be found here.
  • There are a few sensible rules that should be read here.
  • Please use the Introductions thread and tell us a little about yourself.
  • Note that your initial posts will be moderated to filter spam so they may take a few hours to appear, please be patient.
Free Advertising and Publicity on FADU


Occasionally people join FADU simply to gain free advertising for their services or products. In order to protect those advertisers that pay the running cost of this forum, and to comply with our rules, all unauthorised advertising and spamming will be removed without notice.

Publicity for Exhibitions and Events etc
For those who take the time to introduce themselves to the many already here and who accrue a number of posts by actively getting involved in the forum discussions, certain benefits will be made available to them. The Gallery and Album sections will open which will allow images to be posted. Any mention of an exhibition, or any other interesting photographic event, that would benefit our Friends, will be picked up by our calendar keeper (Bill) and placed on our online Calendar for all to see. There is also our Sale or Wanted and Auctions of Interest forums which established members are welcome to make use of. For Sale ads will be removed if posted elsewhere.

Still Unsure
If you are unsure about what can and cannot be advertised or publicised on FADU please check with our rules. If you are still in any doubt about this just ask one of our admin team for clarification before posting.


FADU 2011 Book

The adjacent slide-show contains photographs submitted by Friends of FADU for our annual exhibition and yearbook in 2010. Copies of our latest yearbook, FADU 2011, together with our previous yearbooks, FADU 2010 & FADU 2009 may be obtained in either soft or hardback versions by following the link below.

All three FADU 2009, 2010 and 2011 books are available for purchase in soft or hard cover versions from our book-store.  

Please click on the book icon for the opportunity to preview and purchase copies. book.

FADU’s Monthly Print Exchange

Do you need a focus to make prints?

Would you like to show your work to others?

Would you like to see other member’s work?

Are you looking for help or inspiration?

If your answer to any of the above is "yes‟ you should consider joining our Monthly Print Exchange.

Everyone is welcome – beginners and experts alike. Works of art and examples of work in progress are all accepted.

The rounds are run on a month by month basis so you don‟t have to commit for more than one month at a time. You can dip in and out of the rounds to suit your needs.

If you decide to join you will make many new friends and see a wide range of work in the comfort of your own home.

For further information and joining details please read this post and/or contact Tony Marlow.
FADU Publicity Flyers
To help spread the word, we have produced a couple of publicity flyers. It would be very helpful if you could post or place the flyer(s) anywhere you feel they will achieve the desired effect. Suitable locations include:
  • Colleges and educational establishments that run photography courses
  • Photographic dealers
  • Public notice boards (in libraries etc)
  • Notice boards in places of work where a large number are employed
  • Photographic Clubs or Societies
Or anywhere else, including web sites, where you feel the flyer would be read The flyers (A4 and A5 size) are in printable PDF format. Please feel free make good use of them and do let us hear of any successes you may have in this forum thread.
Starting a Thread – Quick Guide
New threads and participation in them are the life-blood of this forum. Therefore it is very important to start a thread if there is anything you want to discuss or find out about, although it’s worth using the search facility to check old threads for information first.  Whilst this procedure is covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section accessible from the tool bar, we thought it worth emphasising here.

To encourage the creation of new threads we have put together this Quick Guide to help you get started. You don't have to follow the guide but it will help you to start a debate, discussion, or to seek an opinion or advice.

Guide to Starting a Thread

If you are starting from FADU’s Home page click on the Forum link located on the toolbar immediately under the FADU logo or click on the FADU logo at the top left of every page.  You are now on the main Forum listing page and can continue from here.

Slowly scroll down and note the various Forums appearing on the left hand side of the screen. You will see they cover a wide range of topics. Choose which heading best suits your topic. Let us say you want to start a thread on a medium format camera query:

* Scroll down until you reach Cameras – medium format.
* Click on Cameras – medium format.

You have opened the Cameras – medium format section of the forum. At the top and bottom (left-hand side) of the page you will see a button labelled New Thread. Click on this New Thread button. The Post New Thread creation page now appears
New Thread Entry:  Enter a title for the new thread that you think best describes your post in the Title text box. Move your cursor to the Message text box, and type in your message. If you are not too comfortable with your typing skills you may wish to first type your message in Notepad or a similar text editor and then cut and paste it to this text box when you are happy with it. Example below:

If you pass your mouse cursor over the various icons in the text dialogue box, information will be displayed explaining what they do, although for your first effort it is perhaps a good idea not to get too ambitious.

Editing the text: Remember you can edit the text within 30mins of posting.

Message Finished: When you have finished your message, and are happy with it, click on the Submit New Thread button, or if you wish to do so, click the Preview Post button to see your message first. At that point you have created a new thread!

Finally: Just one last point. Always open a new thread rather than add a new subject to an existing thread to avoid confusing others. Hijacking threads is considered rather rude.
A Plea For The Use Of Pronounceable User Names
FADU has been created on the principal of encouraging friendly correspondence with each other.   We firmly believe that a meaningful user name that reflects your real name will help us all to achieve this.   We therefore ask you to think a little before deciding on your user name.   You may be initially tempted to use something trendy, funny or eye catching.   However, with such a user name you are not exactly saying who you are and after a while on the forum you may start to wish you had used something else.

When communicating on the forum it is easier to communicate with PaulC or FayeW than Ilfordboy or Xtolgirl.   We therefore advise that your username should contain at least your first name: e.g. John35mm or IRJean.

Established users may have entered a username that doesn’t follow these guidelines.   If so, and you wish to change your username, just contact one of the administrators and they will be able to help you with a name change (you cannot make this change yourself).
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