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FADU Specific Rules
1. The purpose of this forum is the promotion of the use of film based image capture together with the preservation, and fostering, of traditional darkroom based printing skills. It is not a platform for discussing matters of political, racial, religious, or non-photographic content.

2.The posting of negative scans is prohibited in this forum, except within the Help or Discussion Galleries when requesting help with negative faults, or the like. Film scans can also be used for illustrating an article or a post for illustrative and informative reasons.

3. Please put more into this Forum than you take out.

4. Please make the effort to introduce yourself to those already here, and contribute to the discussions. Certain additional privileges are available to those that that achieve the status of Friend by doing so, such as the use of the Albums and Gallery feature as well as entry to our annual exhibition and yearbook.

5. You must be polite to others at all times, derogatory or heated responses are taboo. Remember as the written word here is obviously devoid of facial and vocal inflection it can be a blunt tool easily open to misunderstanding. So think very carefully before posting a heated rejoinder over a point that offends you.

6. There is a difference between debate and argument, the former is encouraged, the latter not. By all means put your case forcefully, but politely, and recognise that others are entitled to hold different points of view. You are discussing the content of the post, not its author.

7. If you consider a post offensive, or inappropriate please report it. Posts that are considered offensive or inappropriate will be deleted or edited without warning. It is the moderators’ definition of offensive and inappropriate that will apply in all cases and their decision is final.

8. If you make a nuisance of yourself you may receive one warning, possibly together with a short suspension of access; if you do not take the hint, and modify your approach then your registration will be cancelled on repetition without further warning.

9. Promoting or advertising is only permitted by those expressly invited to do so who will restrict such posts to the appropriate section and of goods, and services appropriate to this forum. If you wish to advertise here then please ask permission first. We have a forum in which those that have reached the status of "Friend" may post photographic equipment sale or wanted adverts.

10. The discussion of digital image capture, equipment, or hard copy production is taboo; however we do allow the posting of small digitally captured images in posts and articles purely for illustrative and informative reasons. We reiterate that this site is not anti-digital, simply pro-film and darkroom; anti-digital rants will be removed.

11. The Moderators offer their services here for nothing more than the simple joy of serving you; so be nice to them.

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