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Alternative Photography
Photographic medium other than mainstream silver gelatin work

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Alternate Photography
Site dedicated to all types of alternative photography. Displaying the work by many of the current practitioners.  
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3rd November 2008

Keywords: gum salt platinum vdb paladium alternate
Bromoil Circle of Great Britian
The mystique of Bromoil clarified.
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25th April 2009

Keywords: bromoil
Emil Schildt
very interesting range of links- Also Emil's own site shows his work in a variety of techniques- Warning those offended by nakedness should not proceed- others enjoy  
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9th March 2009
Mike Ware's Alternative Photography
Mike is credited with 'inventing' the Argyrotype process. He also has lots of information on other alternative processes as well.  
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27th October 2008
Supplier of Efke Photographic Paper and chemicals
Croatian based company
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22nd July 2009
Unblinking Eye

A useful collection of articles and links.
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15th October 2008

Keywords: bromoil cyanotype alternative

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