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Ag Photographic

Run by specialists passionate about photography, and who understand the needs of the professional, enthusiast, fine art photographers, students, and educational establishments.
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RH Designs

Here you'll find our highly acclaimed range of darkroom equipment, all available to buy on-line.
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27th April 2010

Keywords: timers exposure meters densitometers monochrome
RK Photographic

RK Photographic's London showroom is the darkroom users' 'Aladdin's Cave'. There is a vast array of new and used equipment under one roof. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, keen to make your first print, RK Photographic is the place for you.
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Second-hand Darkroom Supplies

SDS is a company specifically designed to give you a personal service. With minimal overheads we offer superb prices on pre-owned and new darkroom equipment, and on materials. We also have time to listen to your individual needs and are happy to advise you on anything from the advantages of a particular safelight to the complete design of your darkroom. Our reputation has been built on providing an excellent service to all our customers.
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Silverprint is a specialist dealer in photographic consumables of all types.
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