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Information directly related to photography.

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Photo info enlarger lenses and more  
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17th June 2019
Ilford Photo site archive as of March 2017
Old forums and data archive before 2017 change to  
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23rd June 2017
25.17 Kbytes
The Wayback Machine ( to recover broken links and expired domains
Many of the sites you will find in this section no longer exist. However, they may still be archived at

For example: Rayment Kirby had an excellent site on how to build your own large format camera using wood & brass. It is gone. But by going to and entering the domain name. (You can also try entering the entire URL to a specific page.) ( in the search box, you can go back and see it as it was in 2007 (or earlier or later). Click on a date to see the site as it appeared then.
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15th March 2016
Films Not Dead
Gallery for film photography. Site also includes some limited tutorials on film development  
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31st August 2013

Keywords: monochrome gallery
Site full of information on all sorts of cameras. As it is populated by general consensus not all the information will be accurate.  
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24th October 2012

Keywords: camera information
Camera Eccentric
Lots and Lots of catalogues of mainly large format lenses..  
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20th October 2011
PDN online and Kodak Professional Legends Online
Website with interviews with very famous names in photography with examples of their work.  
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Luminous Lint
Site for Collectors and Connoisseurs of Fine Photography

Great for history of photography and research, numerous galleries.
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American Suburb X
Photography and Culture site with plenty of photographs and interviews.  
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5th July 2010
Photographic Archive
A superb collection of vintage images, one can get lost in here!  
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28th April 2010

Keywords: monochrome archive

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