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Non-photographic information
Information of a non-photographic nature that will be of intrest to members

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Axahome- MP3 Music Download site
Very extensive MP3 site that would appear to work fine. This site also uses Rapidshare as a download agent  
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23rd April 2009
DoppelMe - The Free Dynamic Avatar Maker
Free & easy to use avatar creator. Spice up your FADU messages, mobile phone, or networking site.  
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14th March 2009

is a continously expanding collection of of converters, units and measures, data tables and facilities for the student or teacher, scientific or engineering worker, parent and child.
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16th October 2008

Keywords: conversions measure
Jazz Albums- Free Downloads
A considerable library of 70's Classic Jazz Albums on free download. Well worth checking out  
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18th April 2009
Parcel 2 Ship

Discounted parcel posting by parcel force.
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15th October 2008

Keywords: postage parcel shipping
Summit Post
Although strictly speaking not an individual persons website but access to hundreds of climbers websites. Brilliant photography and wonderful topos and access detail for mountain ranges around the world. To see the photography in large format requires membership which is free. They don't however pester you with e-mails, I've been a member for 4 years and I have never had any correspondence from them  
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9th March 2009
Word Clock
A really nice clock screen-saver download for Mac or Windoes. I went for the circular version as it has more of an analogue feel to it  
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8th January 2009

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