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Neil Smith 20th October 2010 03:53 PM

I don't know this developer but something sounds very odd, if you had thin negs at 10,12 and 15mins with 4 inversions every minute, I can't see how decreasing dev time to 13mins and only inverting twice every minute gave you good negs, in theory they should be thinner with less agitation?

But if its working now, its a good result for you.


Richard Gould 20th October 2010 04:16 PM

Neil,I don,t get it either, but it worked, negatives should print 3 to 3.5 on fbwt, which I always find needs a grade higher than standard MG,in fact these negatives are very good indeed, if it works this apears to be a very good developer, good shadow detail,very sharp, can't say about grain untill I print some, but at long last they look good,so fingers crossed, if it carries on it could well become my standard developer,Richard

Mike O'Pray 20th October 2010 07:05 PM

So in summary the dev looks to be OK but Fotospeed's times and agitation routine are wrong. In the case of the dev time, hopelessly wrong.

While you have got to good negs with help from this forum, it would seem that many users might have to get there by wasting a lot of film or have simply abandoned the dev.

Were I to have used this dev and not had the help of users such as Larry on a forum such as this, I would have abandoned this dev and frankly I'd be amazed if most don't abandon if your experience is typical.

It also begs two questions: How did Fotospeed arrive at this woefully inadequate time of 7 mins?

How many other film types have wrong times?

Unless Fotospeed can address these questions with good answers it would not persuade me to get any of this dev.


Richard Gould 20th October 2010 08:55 PM

If it had not been for the help recieved here I would have probably have and it poured the lot away and gone back to either rodinal or promicrol, The dev is very good indeed when you sort though the problems and I will almost certainly stick with it, but as you say, how Fotospeed arrived at 7 minutes is beyond me, if they had given the 10 that is for high contrast as a starting then that would have been more sensible, and as for tecnical help or backup from them, it doesn't seem to exist if my experiance is anything to go by, when the MD, to whom I spoke late yesterday afternoon, promises that I will recieve either a phone call or Email today and I am still waiting it realy makes me wonder, on the whole their products work very well, the fd10 now works well but apart from misleading suggested times there is no other instructions at all. however, alls well that ends well, I have processed another film, this time some delta 400, that I took this afternoon,it was a cold day here but great light and I did'nt want to waste it, and again using Larrys tips, great negatives,Thanks everyone,Richard

Larry 20th October 2010 09:06 PM

Hi Richard

Happy to have been of assistance to you. Glad you got it sorted and are pleased with the end result.

In relation to Mike's concern about the suggested times, from my own experience I always develop using the higher contrast times and are always rewarded with beautufully crisp and grainless negs,

So far HP5+ appears to be the only film that way off base for the manufacturers suggested time.

I've used FP4+, APX100/Rollei Retro 100, Delta 100 & 400, Acros 100 & Neopan 400 and their LegacyPro versions at the stated published times for 1+9 high contrast for a colour head enlarger and they've ALL been spot on. PERFECT!

So maybe HP5+ is just a one-off incorrect time suggestion.

With regard to fotospeeds customer service it still dissapointing no response yet, but at least between us I've helped restore your faith this gem of a great developer.

Best wishes to you all.


Dave miller 21st October 2010 07:15 AM

May I suggest that you revert to your original time and method for one film, just to confirm that the recommended time/method is indeed defective and that some other factor hasnít crept in?
Iím also sorry to read of your problems regarding poor customer service from this company, it unfortunately matches my own; which is why I now have little knowledge of their products.

Richard Gould 21st October 2010 07:39 AM

Larry,thanks again,Dave,I'l try what you suggest,however the delta400 I developed last night, and added extra time to pro rata, looks slightly over developed when I got the chance to get a good look this morning, so perhaps, as Larry says, it is HP5+that has a problem with their time, I don't mind that so much, mistakes happen, but my gripe is there seeming lack of interest, it would appear that they are not interested in analogue photography any more and that is a great pity as they proclaim that they are still in analogue photography, and it was analogue photography that founded their business and built their reputation, and they do have some very good products, but if they don't care about us should we care about them, Politeness costs nothing,Richard

Dave miller 28th October 2010 06:57 PM

Have you had any further contact or interest from Fotospeed with regard to this item Richard?

Richard Gould 28th October 2010 08:51 PM

Never heard a thing from fotospeed, so I have given up on getting any help from them, if I need help with fotospeed products in future I will ask here,shame though as their products are very good, now I have licked the FD10 it is one of the best developers and now my dev of choice, and their wt20 paper is again one of the best wt developers I have used, and I have tried all over the years, good job we have got Larry, our resident fotospeed expert,Richard

Mike O'Pray 28th October 2010 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by Richard Gould (Post 38951)
as their products are very good, now I have licked the FD10 it is one of the best developers and now my dev of choice, and their wt20 paper is again one of the best wt developers I have used, and I have tried all over the years, good job we have got Larry, our resident fotospeed expert,Richard

Here, here as they say in the Commons but may I also add Matt of Agphotographic who stocks a full Fotospeed range at a very competitive price.


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