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Ian David 6th February 2010 11:22 PM

DIY Adaptor - DeVere 504 to Ilford Multigrade 500H
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As requested in a recent thread regarding these adaptors, I have pulled out and scanned a drawing that I did for someone a few years ago. (For clarity, I have also added a few further comments to the original drawing in type.) Please see attached.

These adaptors are getting harder to find all the time, so you may find my drawing useful if you want to (a) have a go at making one of these yourself, or (b) get one made up for you by a metalworking shop.

As I recall, I did the drawing with a pencil and a ruler, as I didn't have set-squares etc handy at the time, so please don't be disappointed by imperfect scale or lines that are not quite parallel!
The dimensions were (carefully) hand-measured with a ruler, so are also probably not 100% accurate, but should be very close. (A lot of the dimensions are not crucial anyway.)

In any event, you will be able to get a good idea of what the adaptor looks like and how it is put together. For precise distances between crucial bolt holes etc, you should take measurements where possible from your DeVere 504 and your Ilford 500 head.

The adaptor is actually pretty simple. It is made from four basic pieces, three of which are made from sheets of 2mm steel.
Part 1 is a piece of 2mm steel folded 90 degrees at top and bottom.
Parts 2 and 3 are identical flat pieces of 2mm steel.
Part 4 is simply a big lump of steel which functions as a counterweight (approx 5kg). (The main purpose of the weight is to balance the spring inside the column of the DeVere - without the weight, the head would want to shoot to the top of the column all the time. A 5kg dumbbell weight sitting on top of or behind the Ilford head would probably work OK too, although it would be slightly less safe.)

These four pieces are all held together with 2 bolts to make the assembled adaptor.

(I am assuming that the additional 2mm folded steel bracket attached to the back of the Ilford head is part of that head rather than part of the adaptor kit. If I am wrong about that, please let me know and I can make a quick drawing of that bracket too!
I am also assuming that the mixing boxes, and the lamp assembly, inside the Ilford 500H head do not need to be altered to work with the DeVere. Again, if I am wrong or you have doubts about this, I am happy to provide further info on the relevant dimensions of things inside the head.)

The assembled adaptor is attached to the DeVere 504 by 2 bolts, and to the Ilford 500 head by two stainless steel pins. The idea is that the head can slide up and down the pins (about 4mm total travel) to enable insertion, and then clamping, of the negative holder beneath the head. (Each of the stainless pins is secured at the bottom and top by a small cross-pin, although the assembly would still function OK without these cross-pins provided the main pins were kept slightly oiled.)

Have a look at the attached photograph of the interface between the enlarger and the head, with the adaptor in between. This should give you an idea of how the adaptor is positioned. (Note that the spring clip and the four plastic adjustor screws on the DeVere no longer serve any function and these should simply be kept out of the way.)

Please feel free to PM me if you have any queries or want clarification of anything I have said. Otherwise, good luck! The DeVere 504/ Ilford 500H combo is a very good one.

Happy printing!


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