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Dave miller 25th November 2009 07:34 PM

Help with Posting New Threads
We have added information to the home page which is primarily aimed at newcomers to internet forum life, who may be unsure of how to ask a question about a new topic. However it does provide me the opportunity of reminding all here that your active participation in starting or responding to threads is essential to the health and growth of this site. I can do no better than quote from the directions we have added into the F.A.Q. section accessible from the tool bar:
New threads and posts, and your participation in them, are the life-blood of any forum. Without them the forum will stagnate and cease to provide the interest that motivates you and others like you, to visit. Therefore it is very important to start a new thread if there is anything you want to discuss, or find out about, as well as participate in the threads already started.

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