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pietro 5th January 2015 09:38 AM

ILFORD Perceptol preparation recipe went wrong
Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was slightly distracted in preparing the Perceptol solution I use to develop my films and I did it wrongly, mixing the bag B with water and then mixing the bag A, of course the right order should have be A and then B, do you think I can still use the resulting solution ?

The solution by itself looks fine, expect some lumps here and there, what would you suggest to me ?

Thanks in advance,

Argentum 5th January 2015 10:06 AM

Only one way to find out, try it :D

If all the chemical has dissolved then it should be OK I think.

They keep chemicals separate in bags to stop them reacting with each other.

sometimes the order of dissolving is critical but usually that means one won't dissolve without the other being there first so if everything has dissolved as normal then you're probably OK to use it.

You always get a few little crystals that don't want to dissolve. I find that crushing them with my stirring rod and then mixing some more usually gets everything into solution.

Terry S 5th January 2015 11:15 AM

As said, the order of the chemicals put into the water is usually to help both of the bags of chemicals dissolve fully. Warming up the solution slightly and more stirring should get rid of any left over crystals.

Terry S

pietro 5th January 2015 10:01 PM

Thank you guys, I can move on with my development then :-) !

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