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Richard Gould 14th September 2020 07:16 PM

Thanks Mike, that was quick, it often takes a week to get there

CambsIan 16th September 2020 01:19 PM

Hi All,

Have my photo's been delivered to anyone (just not to give the recipient's name away) ?


Terry S 16th September 2020 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by CambsIan (Post 135580)
Hi All,

Have my photo's been delivered to anyone (just not to give the recipient's name away) ?


Sorry Ian, but I've been a bit busy the last few days, but yes, they have been received, thanks. :)

And Ian has sent me not one print, as most people send (including myself) but three prints from his latest printing session for this months exchange, covering a variety of subjects.

I particularly like the moored boat print, taken at Whitby Harbour. The subjects fill the frame well and there is a good range of tones and contrast in the print.

So many thanks and well done Ian. :)

Terry s

CambsIan 16th September 2020 03:37 PM

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the update and the nice comments.

I think the harbour print was my favourite of the three, seemed to print out nicely without many complications, my kind of negative :)


MartyNL 23rd September 2020 06:59 PM


I received a print from Terry today of a bull. Not any old bull mind you, but that of the metal sculptured variety.

The light works very well together with the low view-point positioning the dark, heavy mass of the beast against the light sky. Grasses and wild flowers add a softness and foreground interest complementing the scene.

An excellent result form Terry's teaspoon formula processing.

Thanks, Terry.

MikeHeller 25th September 2020 03:45 PM

My offering has made it to the post.


PanFrank 25th September 2020 06:27 PM

My print is on the way,

DaveInElland 26th September 2020 09:04 AM

My print is on its way ... finally! Apologies for leaving it so late

alexmuir 26th September 2020 11:59 AM

Im a bit later than I had hoped. I will be posting on Monday.

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MartyNL 26th September 2020 02:10 PM

Mine's in the post.

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