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PanFrank 3rd October 2020 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by DaveInElland (Post 135753)
My print is on its way ... finally! Apologies for leaving it so late

Hi Dave,
Sorry for my late feedback, but it is a true pleasure to come back home from a one week holiday to find a wonderful print of a sea image. Thank you very much, I like it a lot (and the letter)! Unfortunately my holiday was not there, but in the middle of Belgium. Same amount of water, but coming from the sky.:) Ideal weather for spending time in the darkroom, which for no good reason I forgot to bring along.;)
Cheers, Frank

MartyNL 3rd October 2020 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by CambsIan (Post 135898)
Two beautiful prints of the inside of St Mary's church in the Lake district arrived today. Same neg one on cold tone and one on warm tone paper.

They are my kind of photo, what is it about the insides of churches and photos?

Personal favourite has to be the warm tone one.

Thank you for the beautiful prints Marty, a quality for me to aim for.


Hi Ian, Iím really pleased you liked the prints and many thanks for the compliment, theyíre always appreciated and never taken for granted.

DaveInElland 5th October 2020 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by alexmuir (Post 135787)
Posted my print this morning.

And itís a stunner!

Apologies Alex, Iíve been away, returning over the weekend and only got a chance to open my post today. What a beautifully printed image - the large expanse of sky, very evenly toned, looks fabulous. Iím absolutely delighted to add this to my collection.

Thank you!

alexmuir 5th October 2020 07:29 PM

Thanks Dave. Iím glad you like the print. I donít normally have wildlife in my images, but I thought these birds were worth including. They looked like they were waiting patiently for the tide to change.

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