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Phlogger 28th March 2019 01:12 PM

Bronica shutter release
Hey all

I used a shutter release cable on my etrs. When I push it the shutter button on the body moves a bit but does not fire.

I moved the switch on the lens to "t" mode.

Any suggestions?

Richard Gould 28th March 2019 03:14 PM

T mode is time on the lens and means that the shutter in the lens stays open untill the T mode is released, change it back to normal, then try again, making sure that the shutter release locking ring around the shutter release is open,

Bill 28th March 2019 03:22 PM

Hello, first thing to check is to see if the shutter release lock is in the locked position. The red dot should be at the bottom or for using a cable release it can also be in the 45 degree position. I am assuming that you have cocked the shutter and have a film back fitted with a film in place. If the cocking/wind on crank spins freely because there is no film in the chamber then try using the multi exposure lever. That should allow the shutter to cock and fire. It also assumes that you want a time exposure. For normal use the lens lever should be moved to reveal the letter A. As a final check is the battery in good order? Also if you are dry firing, no film, is the back sheath removed?
There is a pdf of the manual here which may help:

I have not used my ETR-S for a while but do use the ETR-Si.

I see Richard beat me to it on the shutter release lock.


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