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Collas 26th October 2020 10:48 AM

Ahel 1245
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Here are two versions of the user manual for the Ahel 1245 enlarger in French, which is capable of enlarging 35mm up to 4" x 5".

The larger file (3.9MB) refuses to upload from my computer or from the URL of the site, so here's the link to the pdf on the website.

JOReynolds 28th October 2020 08:04 AM

I live in France for part of the year and I have twice encountered Ahel enlargers in commercial darkrooms. They are quirky in design, much like French cars of the fifties, but work well in a cramped darkroom because the one device can cope with whatever format comes in the door. But one user, sadly now closed down, complained of the finnicky height adjustments -- coarse and fine.

From an engineering point of view the Ahel is an interesting application of (then novel) aluminium extrusion technology.

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