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Terry S 24th August 2021 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by CambsIan (Post 141275)
Hoping to use my Rolleiflex 6003 SRC 1000 with a 80mm lens (it's the only one I have)...


Do you mean the only lens you have for this camera is an 80mm Ian?

Obviously you might not know until the day, but it would be handy to have a wider lens as well, just in case.

Good luck on the day and like others have said, it would be great to see the results - both in b/w and colour - when you finally get them printed. :)

Terry S

Richard Gould 24th August 2021 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by CambsIan (Post 141275)
Thank you all for your replies, once again, the friendly forum comes to the rescue.

My go to film, and the one I'm most used to is Foma 100, after reading you replies and possible pit falls with the PanF+, I am now wondering if I should stick to the Foma.

Hoping to use my Rolleiflex 6003 SRC 1000 with a 80mm lens (it's the only one I have) as it has interchangeable backs, although this is not essential as I don't think I will be under any time pressure so can use all of one before switching to the other

In terms of metering I was wondering if the in camera meter would do the job. I don't have a Spotmeter, have never used one and can't borrow one so if I use a meter will most likely use my weston meter.

Was considering Porta 160 for colour seems to be a reasonable choice.

Once again thank you for all your replies


I would be inclined to try the fomapan 400, rate at 250, the 100, although a very nice film, will give problems in low light due to it's reciproty failure, I have tried it in low light, which is something I do a lot, it was a problem, I often hand hold down to 1/2 a second using a bronica etrsi and W.L.F, also, I think only 80mm standard lens wil be very limiting for this type of project, you will need a wide angle, and I believe the Rolleiflef is a big old camera, and quite heavy, mabe try taking a 35mm, perhaps with a 24 to 100 lens, which would cover all your needs, 99% of my low light work of this type is done withput flash and on 35mm, gives good results, and is much easier, and the most I would take would be the 24 to 100 and a 80 to 200 for those extra shots, and I use 35mm down to 1/2 second with no problems,whatever you decide to do looking forward to hearing how you get on and seeing the results

John King 26th August 2021 10:23 AM

Church interior photography
If the church is to close at the end of September will there be an increase in the number of visitors wanting to get a last look? If so, will some of these possibly be people who wish to say a quiet prayer as well.

I ask, because it may be considered intrusive having a photographer there at the same time as people want to have a quiet moment to themselves.

I am not against photography inside a church of whatever size, heaven knows I have done enough myself. However, because it was considered intrusive was why photography was banned for a number of years inside Durham Cathedral. Not on the same scale of course, but I am always careful.

Martin Aislabie 26th August 2021 10:55 AM

For B&W film choice I would suggest two films.
  • Ilford Delta 100
  • Fuji Acros

The simple reason for these two is reciprocity failure.

Reciprocity failure means you subject brightness range (SBR) will be increased even further.

So, in practical terms, your darker shadows get even darker compared to your highlights.

Ilford quote a reciprocity failure of 1.26 ~ so take your measured exposure and raise it to the power of 1.26 - ie x^y on your scientific part of your smart phone calculator - where x is your measured shutter speed and raised to the power 1.26 - and the resulting answer is your required new shutter speed.

Delta 100 also has a great for subjects with a very wide SBR (tonal range) - just be precise with your development times.

Fuji quote no no need for reciprocity adjustment until measured exposure times exceed 120 s.

As for colour film you can Google reciprocity failure compensation factors.

Good luck


ps - don't forget your shutter release cable :)

KevinAllan 26th August 2021 11:13 AM

I've shot church interiors using FP4+, HP5+, and TMax 100. TMax is great if you have really intricate details you want to capture. But overall my preference now is HP5+ because it handles high contrast scenes well. I've used it handheld at EI1600 and on a tripod at box speed. I've also shot church interiors with a pinhole camera and HP5+ which required 15minutes exposures. As long as there aren't many people around then your patience is the only limit.

Nat Polton 26th August 2021 05:42 PM

I have taken some excellent photographs of church interiors in the past with the simplest of equipment.

Just an Olympus XA11, Ilford FP4+, and using the self timer.

Camera perched on a stack of hymn books, self timer set and the automatic exposure left to take care of the exposure.
Very rare to find a poorly exposed shot with the Olympus XA11 that I had.

Sadly that was in the days before we had the Internet and readily available information on how to do the basic camera repairs yourself.
When it finally failed I could not find a way into the camera and it ended up in the bin.


CambsIan 26th August 2021 09:13 PM

Hi All,

Wow, plenty of food for thought, thank you all.

I have now decided to go down the 35mm route as my lens options are far greater and I have several Minolta X300 bodies so can load different films in a couple bodies.

I had considered Acros, but I have never used it, so not sure about it, I guess I could get it developed and printed in a pro lab. Any colour I shoot will have to be printed by a pro lab anyway, so could just send the whole lot away.

I don't think that there will be many parishioners using the church as after speaking to a member of the church, it seems to be closing as it has an extremely small congregation, so small in fact that they no longer have a vicar, not even a circuit one, but obviously I would be respectful if there was anyone in prayer in the church.

Once again, thank you all very much for your replies and help.


skellum 30th August 2021 02:24 PM

Good luck Ian.

You've had more suggestions than there are choices on the menu at my local take-away. Hope we get to see the results.

CambsIan 6th September 2021 01:05 PM

OK, decision time, no longer have time to think about it as hoping to shoot next week.

As I said I've decided to go with 35mm and use a couple of bodies.

Going to go rogue with my film choice, going to use XP2 (please don't shout at me) going to use one body for shooting at box speed which I will use a pro lab (most likely Ag) to develop and use the other body also with XP2 but rated at 100 and process in HC-110 at home.

Thank you to you all for your replies and suggestions.

If I get anything out, I will let you all know how I get on.

Once again many thanks


Terry S 6th September 2021 01:30 PM

Looking forward to seeing the results Ian. :)

Terry S

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