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B&W Neil 2nd April 2011 08:31 AM

My Entry for FADU 2010 - Keith Tapscott
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This month Keith Tapscott tells us about his FADU 2010 entry, which is a welcome addition to the two items already posted by Les Dix and Tony Lovell.

Although I am posting this item the work was of course written by Keith.

Many thanks Keith for taking part in this series of articles.


My entry for FADU 2010 – Keith Tapscott

I decided to send some prints for FADU 2010 after one of my prints was accepted for FADU 2009. It was the acceptance of that print which inspired me to have another go the following year.

Siward’s Cross, Dartmoor

Siward’s Cross

I first saw a picture of this Cross in the book ‘Wild Goose & Riddon’ by a photographer called Chris Chapman whose work I admire.

For this image, I used my 35mm SLR camera fitted with a 35mm lens and a deep yellow filter. The film stock was Ilford FP4 Plus which I exposed at ISO 125 and processed in Kodak D-76 diluted 1+1. The negative was enlarged on Ilford Multigrade Warm-Tone glossy fibre-based paper and finished in a working solution of Agfa Sistan after washing.

Agfa Sistan is a silver stabilizing solution which also helps to minimize curling when the paper is drying. Unlike most toners, it also maintains the natural colour of the paper’s emulsion.

This photo was taken during a short holiday in the Lake District back in 2003, but I had not got around to printing the negatives. The film was Kodak HIE infra-red B&W which is unfortunately no longer produced. I always liked the way that this film recorded the subject in an almost surreal way with unnaturally light foliage and its dreamy soft tones.

I used a Hoya 25A red filter on my 35mm lens and made two further exposures of one stop each side of what my light meter indicated, to ensure that I had a correctly exposed negative. The film was processed in stock D-76 and the negative printed straight much to my surprise.

As with my image of Siward’s Cross the negative was enlarged on Ilford Multigrade Warm-Tone paper which I bought to see how it ‘looked’.

I was pleased that these two images were accepted, as it made the effort worthwhile to see them in a book.

Please accept my apologies folks if the technical details bore you, but I was asked to provide some details of how the photographs were produced and how I felt when they were accepted for the FADU Yearbook.

Keith Tapscott

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