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B&W Neil 1st June 2011 05:21 PM

My entry for FADU 2010 – Andrew Bartram
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Continuing with our monthly feature this month Andrew talks about the image he had accepted for FADU 2010.

Although I have made the post the work was written by Andew.

Thank you Andrew for taking part in this series of articles.


My entry for FADU 2010 – Andrew Bartram

Bray Seafront

I have always had a thing for seaside towns, especially in the Wintertime when there is a sense of desolation about many of them, Victorian faded elegance contracted against delicate ironwork on old piers, peeling paintwork on beach huts and seaside fairgrounds all quiet and waiting for the first visitors of the new season.

I was brought up in Great Yarmouth which I guess explains some of my fondness for these places, many of my negatives, made over the last 25 years reflect my love of seaside towns.

My work takes me all over the country and I will always have a camera in the car, at the moment I am accompanied by my YashicaMat 124G but more often than not, since I bought it 3 years ago for £18 on e-bay it has been my trusty Olympus 35rc rangefinder fitted with an Olympus yellow filter and normally loaded with Fuji Neopan 400 film.

Bray Seafront

It was on a business trip to a Power Station outside Dublin that I ended up staying in the quaint seaside town of Bray whilst waiting to catch a morning ferry back home, it wasn’t winter time for once and here I was with an evening to kill, what better than to walk along a seafront with an unobtrusive and inoffensive little camera looking for special and memorable images.

Seaside architecture and strong bold shapes always draw my eye and this rather strange little hut with the soft gentle light and wonderful clouds acting as a back drop captivated me from the moment I saw it, placing it off centre in the frame and setting a shutter speed on the Olympus to give a reasonable depth of field I waited for something to happen, maybe a cyclist or a man walking a dog, to come into the frame On cue, this man strolled along, perhaps doing a bit of a power walk and I pressed the shutter.

Back home and into the darkroom, Peter Hogan’s Prescysol at 10.5mins partial stand produced negatives that, as usual are a joy to print. The first print I made was on postcard sized paper and sent out as a monthly image as part of the Postal Photographic Society, it received some warm comments so I made a few enlargements on Ilford MG Paper, Resin coated with a view to submitting it to the annual FADU exhibition (I’d missed the deadline in 2009). Printing was fairly straightforward, my notes tell me it was a straight print at grade 3 made on my Magnifax enlarger and Nikon 50mm enlarger lens – a splash of selenium toner and an image I am happy to look at on the wall for a long time.

I was delighted when I was told my picture had been accepted into the exhibition and it was a great shame when Dave had to cancel it due to double booking. I was even more delighted to see the image published in the FADU book that would have accompanied the exhibition.

I would encourage you all to get printing and submit some images for 2011.

Andrew Bartram

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