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vincent 26th November 2009 08:39 PM

Personal Websites
Would members who have their own web site care to discuss the pros and cons of setting one up. Maybe they could explain why they did so and if they still have them. I'm sure most photographers nowadays consider the idea now and again. I don't have a website but I have thought about now and again. Selling my work would not be a motivation for me, I find it hard enough already preparing 8 x 10 prints for the monthly exchange.
Hope this is not too digital a subject for fadu.

outremer 26th November 2009 08:56 PM

From my own experience setting up a website can be as simple or as complicated as you need or want it. I've been doing my own site for a few years now with running costs in an around 30 per year. There are many good ready built sites out there offering photographers easy set-up with e-commerce options but I think they are far too expensive. If you need a site consider registering a domain name through a host that will host the site for free(eg.Freeola or Go-daddy) and offer SQL data base support should you ever want to add a shopping cart to your site. If you do want to sell, Photocart from Picture Pro is a good peice of software with totally free upgrades and good support. To put your site together you'll need an image editor like photoshop or Elements and a website editor, Dreamweaver being my prefered software. All you need after that is patience to learn the application software and Filezilla to upload to your your site.

Why have a site? To promote something you care about. To acknowledge the support of others and to showcase your own work as no gallery will display your efforts 52 weeks a year.

Dave miller 27th November 2009 07:15 AM

This site is not here to host a technical discussion of how to build a website, there must be many better placed that can do that.

So, somewhat reluctantly, having referred you to LINK I think I must close this thread.

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