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Dave Hodson 19th August 2017 04:52 AM

Tips for The Netherlands
My wife and I will be in The Netherlands for the month of October. We'll do some research before we go but does anyone have any tips or must-do's they'd recommend?

I'm looking for a camera store carrying vintage cameras and lenses also so if you know of one please let me know.


John King 19th August 2017 05:39 AM

Tips for the Netherlands
Not a photographic tip but ones that may save you a lot of grief.

The Dutch border police carry out random breath tests on drivers before they leave the ferry ports. especially the Newcstle to IJmuiden (Amsterdam) route. This is designed to catch long distance freight lorry drivers, but to show fairness they check everyone.
I have been tested twice, once in a car and once on a motorcycle in my trips over to the Continent, (both negative) but if you are found to be over their limit (less than ours) you will be detained until you are sober.

It isn't every ferry they check, but it just isn't worth the risk.

Also this last June there was a considerable delay to pass through border checks and we were delayed by 90 mins - my vehicle wasn't in the last group either

Hughes 19th August 2017 04:22 PM

Holland view points
Hi Dave, I think kinder dyke must be the best.
And for fun some roads go under a ship canal, such as half way along the main highway from Middleburge. The shot of coarse is to see a ship going over the motorway!
Regards Hughes

Dave Hodson 19th August 2017 06:35 PM

Tips for The Netherlands
Thanks for the heads up John - always good to keep these things in mind

Definitely on my list Hughes - I'd seen an article in one of the papers. Hopefully I can time it with a boat.


SanMiguel 19th August 2017 09:48 PM

Hi Dave,

I'm just back from a week in The Netherlands, staying part of the time with an old friend who lives in the Drenthe region, near Assen. Orvelte Museum Village is well worth a visit if you are in that area - it's a living village but at the same time has many traditional Dutch houses and crafts on show - great photo opportunities. The National Prison Museum would run a close second - perhaps not so many opportunities for photographs but interesting none-the-less, if a little grim (expected given the subject matter!).

As for Camera Stores mkoptics in Delft appears to have a pretty big stock of old cameras and lenses - although I've never bought from them so can't recommend them one way or another. There was also a small store just down from the Central Station in Amsterdam that we passed - unfortunately closed when we were there. It mostly had digital cameras in the window but there were a couple of second-hand Zeiss/Hasselblad lenses and also Leica lenses in the window. I think it was Fotoprofessional in Nieuwendijk street.

If you're into street photography then Amsterdam is pretty good - certainly in August it was very busy with lots of colourful characters. But you need to be fast to catch them, since most of the time they are flying past on bicycles :)


Dave Hodson 25th August 2017 02:41 PM

Hi Michael

Sorry for taking so long responding and thanks for the tips. We're looking forward to seeing as much as we can - I hear bicycles rule the roads there.

SanMiguel 25th August 2017 07:17 PM

Bicycles certainly rule, Dave, although mostly they are on dedicated cycke paths, alongside but separated from the roads. If driving, you need to remember to check for bicycles & mopeds before turning off the road - they have right of way.

Hope you have a great trip,

MartyNL 25th August 2017 11:24 PM

Sorry for not responding sooner. If you didn't already know, it's the Autumn school holidays in the Netherlands from the 14th until the 22nd October, so it could be a little busy.

Photography shops are quite poor and expensive in the NL especially for analogue.
Here are links to a few in no particular order so you can checkout what’s available online.

Photo related

Things to do. I recommend tripadvisor.

Personally, I like the nationaal park de hoge veluwe and kroller-muller museum and The Dutch Wadden Sea Islands.

Hope this helps

Dave Hodson 27th August 2017 05:12 AM

Thanks for putting that list together Marty - lot's of work and I appreciate it.

Rob Archer 27th August 2017 07:45 AM

I'm following this with interest as I'm going to The Netherlands for a week from 23rd October. We'll be staying near Putten, north of Amersfoort. We don't drive so will be walking, cycling and using public transport. I love exploring old towns and villages with a camera so any tips on places in that area would be welcome.

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