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egrabczewski 17th October 2021 09:43 PM

Newbie from Eddy in the UK
I'm Eddy from South Wales in the UK. I started B&W photography and processing when I was in my early twenties and haven't touched it since - which is about forty years!

This time round I'm going to try colour film processing. I've bought a Durst M800 enlarger with colour head with some other bits.

It seems like I'm re-buying a lot of equipment I used to own, including a Zorki 4K camera and Ilford Sporti (my dad had one).

I'm also extending into Minox 8x11 photography and processing. I've bought a developing tank for the Minox film and I've just found a 32mm recessed lens board for the Durst to fit my 30mm enlarger lens; that should be good enough to enlarge the miniature negatives.

I'm can't wait to see my first colour prints soon.

Looking forward to meeting you in the Forums!

Bob 17th October 2021 11:23 PM

Hi Eddy.

Yes, buying the stuff we used to own tends to happen a lot in film and darkroom photography!

Good luck with the colour - being somewhat colourblind, I don't (the colour-casts would be interesting!) but I know a few folks here do,
so ask if you need any help.

Have fun, Bob.

Terry S 18th October 2021 11:31 AM

Welcome to the forum Eddy. :)

Terry S

David Lingham 18th October 2021 12:19 PM

Welcome Eddy

BuzzNL 18th October 2021 05:03 PM

Welcome! Colour printing sounds like a lot of fun, please share your results with us! :)

Mike O'Pray 18th October 2021 05:10 PM

Welcome Eddy and good luck with the colour prints


PanFrank 18th October 2021 07:46 PM

Welcome Eddy, enjoy your time here!

egrabczewski 19th October 2021 09:26 PM

Thank you all!

I spent today dismantling and cleaning the Durst M800 enlarger - there were a few cobwebs and a spider's skin inside the head. I'm going to live with the rust spots since it seems to be working okay. A bit of silicone lubricant has got all the moving parts on the column working much more smoothly and I tested the new 32mm recessed lens panel with a 30mm lens and it works well - ready for the Minox 8x11 negs.

I'm still collecting bits for the darkroom (but I'm not yet sure where to put the enlarger). I have my eye on the "Harry Potter" (what we jokingly call the understairs cupboard in our family) but it will take some negotiating!

photomi7ch 20th October 2021 03:53 PM

Welcome Eddy :) and back to the dark side

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