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B&W Neil 24th December 2009 01:45 PM

Writing an Article
Writing an Article

FADU is all about sharing information; one feature of the forum that allows us to do this in greater detail than the normal posts is our Article section. It is a facility that is here for everyone to use. We welcome your articles on anything to do with film, the darkroom and creating images by analogue means, equipment reviews, or any other related subject that you feel may appeal to, or inform others here.

Posting an article is easy, all you have to do is to access Articles from the toolbar, and then click on the New Article button (left-hand top and bottom of the screen) and follow the on-screen instructions. The text needs only to be as long as is required to get the information across.

If you are not too comfortable with your typing skills you may wish to use a word processor to create your article and to spell / grammar check etc. If you do this remember to use only plain text as any formatting, bold, italic fonts etc used will be lost when copied into the Articles section text editor. If desired you can then use the formatting options that the Articles editor provides to embellish the text. The text window can be made larger using the up/down arrows in the editor window which makes things a lot easier when editing a large block of text.

Itís a good idea to illustrate your article with some pictures and links. If you look at the Additional Options box at the bottom of the page, you will see under Attach Files details of the type of attachments allowed. Digital photographs are quite acceptable as illustrative photos to accompany your article.

These types of images may be used to illustrate your article:

When you have finished uploading check everything over by using the Preview Post button, and when you are happy with the article click on the Submit New Article button to publish your work.

If you should require any further help with preparing your article please do not hesitate to contact one our administrative team.

Just one more point; the copyright of all work submitted must be yours.

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