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egrabczewski 17th October 2021 10:13 AM

Durst M800 Green screen/filter
Hi everyone. This is my first post as a new member.

I've just bought a working Durst M800, however the "green screen" or "green filter" (I have two versions of the manual and they each name it differently) is missing. The previous owner said it was missing when he bought it and he used a piece of cardboard - which is not tight-fitting and leaks light.

It's the (presumably) plastic dark plate on the head that has a criss-cross pattern. What is it for? Is it green and what it it's function?

Can I just replace it with a suitable piece of black plastic?

MartyNL 18th October 2021 12:07 AM

Hi and welcome to the forum!
Whoops! Just read your intro!

In the manual, it states that the green filter is used/removed in cases of copying (using your enlarger like a repro camera) or with the colour head CLS 201.

However, if you're using the CLS 80 with diffuser boxes you should just be able to cover it up with something opaque and reasonably heat resistant.

Congrats on your 'new' enlarger!

egrabczewski 18th October 2021 08:43 AM

Thanks for solving that mystery for me Marty.

After reading your post I checked the manual again and found the section that mentions the green filter, but your explanation gave a better idea what it's used for.

I've emailed Northern Photo in Leeds to see if they have a spare part.

The M800 was kept in an unheated garage and has small rust spots everywhere on the metalwork but otherwise seems okay; I'm trying to decide if I should remove the spots or just live with them.

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