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MikeHeller 24th October 2021 03:33 PM

Print Exchange 135, November 2021
Time to think about the Print Exchange for November 2021 – FADU Print Exchange Round 135.

All those who want to participate please post here and send me a PM to confirm your address if I do not already have it or you have changed it.
Closing date for registering your entry is Sunday October 31, 2021. Latest date for sending your print is Tuesday November 30, 2021. I am only looking for one print in a month.

I would add that if you do join the exchange and later encounter problems which prevent you from completing then please contact me by PM. Sometimes we do get confronted by the unexpected but if I and the other two people involved (sender and receiver) know you have a problem then it does take out the uncertainty in our minds and perhaps find a solution.

Print Exchange Rules
To start with you will have the remainder of this month to sign up, the cut-off being the last day of the month. If you wish to be included then make a post on this thread to that effect, and at the same time send me a PM with your name, and address, if necessary.
Head the PM with the title “FADU Print Exchange Round”, and add the round number.
At the beginning of next month those that have given me their details will be provided with the name and address of one other member to whom you will be expected to send your print before the end of the month.

You will not be told who has been asked to send you a print, so that it remains a surprise until you receive it. When you send your print please post to that effect on this thread, but do not say to whom you have sent it. We like to maintain the element of surprise until the last moment. When you receive a print please post to that effect on this thread, you may say who it is from and comment on it if you wish.

Anyone failing to send out their print without good reason will be excluded from future events. If you run into difficulty in this respect then please let me know.
If you wish to participate then confirm your intention on this thread and also send me a PM with your name and address.
The selection process will be as random as possible, and I will try and ensure that you receive a print from a different person in each round although eventually there will be some repetition.

There is a Gallery for posting your print after it has arrived with the recipient. It is not compulsory but it does make the Exchange more interesting to all members of the forum and displays your work to others.

• Your print must have been printed from a negative exposed in a film camera
• Inkjet, digitally printed photographs, or computer manipulated images are not allowed
• Your print paper can be any size that will fit in an envelope up to A4 size
• The image may be any size or format
• Paper type and finish is your choice, as is the subject
• Alternative processes, toning or other treatments are all accepted
• It is recommended you provide some background information with your print to assist your recipient as this encourages interchange
• Don’t forget to enclose your details and FADU name so your recipient can thank you
• You are only responsible for the cost of posting your own print
• Please ensure you dispatch your print within the round month
• You must enjoy the experience
• If you have any queries or problems - please contact me as soon as possible.

PanFrank 24th October 2021 05:19 PM

Hi Mike,
Please count me in again.
Thanks, Frank

Bob 24th October 2021 06:12 PM

Add me in again please Mike :)

Terry S 25th October 2021 11:29 AM

In again please.

Terry S

MartyNL 26th October 2021 02:41 PM

Me too, please.

MikeHeller 26th October 2021 03:08 PM

I'm in again.


Michael 27th October 2021 09:18 AM

Once more here please, Mike.

BuzzNL 27th October 2021 02:07 PM

Please count me in again, too!

My previous print still hasn't been delivered after posting it 3 weeks ago and the round before that it took me two attempts to get it to the recipient, but I stay confident in the postal service... :D

TonyMiller 27th October 2021 06:36 PM

It's been a long time since I had a go but please count me in again please.

Michael 29th October 2021 03:09 PM

Sorry, Mike - please remove me from the list.

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