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Martin Aislabie 1st November 2021 03:12 PM

120 film - do you remove the tape from the film ?
I have been doing a fair amount of 120 film development recently.

As I load the film, I am always most careful to remove the tape from the film that attaches it to the backing paper.

I have always done this but I'm wondering need I bother.

Anybody's thoughts and experiences ?


Molli 1st November 2021 03:15 PM

I always remove it, but I have had it tear in half with one part remaining on the backing paper and the other remaining on the film.
It didn't cause any issues at all and made absolutely no difference whatsoever to the film's development.

Bill 1st November 2021 03:22 PM

I usually remove the tape from the backing paper but leave it on the film then fold it over the end of the film to stiffen the leading edge to get it into the spiral. That worked fine until recently when it appears that Ilford now run the tape the whole width of the film where previously it was slightly narrower. It makes getting the film fed into the Paterson ball bearings harder if not impossible. IF I remember I now tear off a corner each side and it feeds in quite easily.

Nat Polton 1st November 2021 03:40 PM

I used to leave it on until one time in the eighties the adhesive dissolved into a slimey substance and ruined the first few shots as it ran down the film when hung up to dry.
Shame I cannot remember the film or process, but I should think adhesives have been improved upon since then.


Svend 1st November 2021 03:46 PM


I cut a little strip of film off where the tape is attached, and then use that strip for doing developer and fixer activity tests... after peeling the tape off of course. If my developer and fixer are both fresh then I don't bother and just peel the tape off in the changing bag.

Lostlabours 1st November 2021 03:53 PM

I never removed the tape from 120 or 35mm film. Once when I tried it with 120 I notice just visible static so never bothered trying again. Been processing 120 for over 50 years . . . . . . . . and just rear the tape where it joinds the backing paper.


Nat Polton 1st November 2021 04:07 PM

I have also seen the static on 120 tape, and when I pulled film out of a 35mm cassette with too much enthusiasm.
After developing I found the little spark flashes on the 120 film, but could not find them on the 35mm. Probably because I knew where to look on the 120.
Scissors are the answer.


photomi7ch 1st November 2021 04:19 PM

I used to cut a bit of the film off with the tape on. until I got the cut wrong and took part of the last negative with it :o now just cut the tape in two. have no problems so far.

MartyNL 1st November 2021 04:40 PM

I'm a trimmer, too.

Flack 1st November 2021 05:17 PM

I always peel it off from both the film and baking paper, I left one on once and it came off during development and ruined a couple of shots.

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