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Miha 7th October 2021 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by Mike O'Pray (Post 141736)
Miha, is this the 1+31 based on the Ilford recommendation that you use a stock solution that is made up by diluting the concentrate 1L +3L of water , then dividing the 4L into 1L containers and using that at 1 part stock to 7 parts water to make up yet another litre which becomes the working developer for 1+31?

It all sounds quite complicated to me and means using a lot of bottles and mixing

Or do you use 1+31 as one part concentrate and 31 parts water which seems much less complicated and easier to mix but results in a slightly more concentrated developer?

Finally what time did you use for HP5+ at 3200? Ilford does give a time for HP5+ at 3200.



Hi Mike, I mixed it directly from the bottle, using a small graduated cylinder. I don't remember the time, sorry.

Mike O'Pray 7th October 2021 09:06 PM

Thanks, Miha. I think a graduated small cylinder sounds like a good way


Mike O'Pray 7th October 2021 09:29 PM

Thanks Marty. Just as an aside in terms of cost it would appear that not only is HC very long lasting but one of the cheapest commercial developers on a cost per film basis

While Xtol 5L gives me 40 135 films at 1+1 and now costs about 17, Microphen gives 8 films for about 6.50 at the same dilution of 1+1 but HC gives just over 123 for about 31

So on a price per 135 film basis Xtol is roughly 42.5p per film, Microphen is just over 81p per film and top of the league in terms of value for money is HC at just over 25p per film


MartyNL 7th October 2021 09:54 PM

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Mike, have you taken a look at the Ilford data sheet and specifically page 13?
It states the capacities are even higher, especially following the replenishment regime!

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