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Default Not bad...and thank you

Thanks again for the help and encouragement, really appreciated. I developed my first film, Fomapan 200 (4 a roll) in FD10, taken on an Olympus Trip. I went for 7' 03" at 20C, exactly as per Big Dev iPad app. I did a contact sheet, images looked a bit flat for my liking (I'll add some contrast when printing) but perfectly acceptable. I developed my second film yesterday, exactly the same process as above except taken on an F3 this time; same successful outcome, very pleased. The film is a bit grainy (imho) especially when the contrast is upped so it doesn't suit all subjects, but it happens to be a look that I like (contrasty/gritty). Next time I am going to develop for longer (not sure how much yet) for more contrast at the developing stage as mentioned on the film's datasheet.
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