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Originally Posted by Matt5791 View Post
We haven't started marketing it yet, but in the last week or so we have managed to get our Lightjet printer fully operational. This has been a long time in coming and a HUGE amount of fiddling around, but now enables us to expose prints up to 50"x120" at astonishingly high quality.

It also opens up the possibility to start offering the Ilford Galerie Digital Silver paper, which would make us one of only 3 labs in the UK offering this service (the other two being Ilford themselves, and Metro Imaging in London). But this service will come later on, when we are fully comfortable with all the regular C-Type printing.

In conjunction with this, we have taken the plunge and ordered a new Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanner last week - all very well having the best digital photographic printer ever made, but pointless feeding it with anything other than the best quality files! It's on the way over from Sweden and is expected here later in the week.

So we will be looking at some special launch offers, probably along the lines of free Flextight scan of any negative / transparency when any large print (16x20"+) is ordered from said negative.

I'll keep the forum posted.
Hello Matt,
I just thought I would say thank you for providing that information to the forum. It prompted me to visit your website, which I found very impressive.
I am currently living in the US but when I return to England I shall certainly keep your company in mind for my processing needs.
It's so very reassuring to know that silver-based photography is in such excellent health, and being nurtured by an excellent company like yours.
All the best,
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