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Originally Posted by namir View Post
I am sure Kaiser did specify the bulb - maybe they say not to use any bulb but "Kaiser 4459" which I do not believe is produced by Kaiser in Buchen (where I happen to live at the moment, btw) and very likely is a relabelled bulb by another producer. As far as I know (I do not have a Kaiser colour-head myself) Osram xenophot HLX (or any other 12V 100W halogen bulb specified with the letter combination "EFP") should fit. If yours is named "EFP" and it is bigger than the bulb that was in the head before and that did fit - take a look at the original bulb and get one.
Good luck!
Thanks for your answer.
My lamp is EFP, but the original one is smaller and fits a metal ring in front of it, which keeps the bulb in place. The problem is there's no part number written on the original so (apart for Kaiser 4459 which is no more in their website) I don't know how to search for it....
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