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PanF is my favourite film. I get best results at EI 25, and develop in PMK which gives lovely smooth tonality.
Unfortunately it is by nature a contrasty film and in the (probably) dim interior of a church you will run into reciprocity failure very quickly. There's a good chart here:

If you're OK with 2-3 minute exposures PanF will look superb, but contrast might increase even further.
How big might you be printing? If not very big, and you're using 120 film, have you considered HP5? More speed so reduced reciprocity failure and slightly lower contrast to handle the very wide range of brightness you might encounter if including window areas. The bigger negative area compared to 35mm makes grain much less troublesome.

If you want to print big and really do prefer PanF it might just be worth a test roll to check you don't need to reduce development slightly. I know you are only getting one shot t this, so exposing a roll under similar conditions would give you a better idea if exposure time/contrast were to your liking.

Colour, can't help much there Ian! The extra leeway of colour negative is your friend I'd guess. I took some wedding pictures on Portra 400 inside a church on 120 and they looked fine, but if you can use a tripod and longer exposures then I'd try the 160 version
Good luck.
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