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Originally Posted by big paul View Post
if anybody is interested there is some x-ray film for sale on ebay ,i just bought some i have bought from them before ,this type of film is very contrasty ,but cheap ,they have a couple left .

FUJIFILM INDUSTRIAL X-RAY FILM IX80 17.8 X 43.2cm (7x17) Printing Paper 08/20 .
kamad_4166 .. sorry i cannot do links
Now this is bizarre.

I just did an advance search on ebay uk for the seller that you state Paul, and the only seller that came up with that name sells 32 items of women's clothes...?

Then I did a straight search for the item details you give i.e. FUJIFILM INDUSTRIAL X-RAY FILM IX80 17.8 X 43.2cm and then the same seller came up with the above women's clothes but now with an eclectic list of 227 items. He is also the only seller selling this particular size of x-ray film on ebay anywhere...

Paul, as for doing links, it is easy. There are some icons that you can use on this site, but I have found that you can just copy and paste the web address and details at the top of the ebay page, which will look like the text directly above. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, as some say.

Oh and there is some more close to date or slightly outdated x-ray film being UK sold, with starting prices of 0.99 at the moment. Just search x-ray film in the UK only.

Terry S
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