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I have posted some prints on my albums a couple of 10x8 and some contact prints . The film is fujifilm industrial x-ray film 100 nif ,7x17inch x 100 , shot at 25 asa , developed in fotospeed FD10 1x20 for 8mins agitation every 30seconds ,In dip and dunk tanks under red light ,each tank holds 2000ml of chemical ,and I can dev 12 5x4 films at one go the two 10x8 prints were printed on to fotospeed RCVC glossy paper ,and the contacts were printed on to Ilford multigrade IV RC express PF paper ,its 10.2 x 152m and i have a roll and a half left so there is plenty to keep me going for a while ..I took some more pictures of my wife with flash ,that I think did not come out to bad ,but If I sheared them with you ,I would disappear and never be seen again .They are a bit boring but at lest I have worked out the asa dev time and dilution .. The only problem I had was the horses by the time I had focused on them put the film in and taken a light reading the little buggers would move ,and at 25ASA ,I would have had more luck photographing a snail .......................... Now the dental x-ray film I bought I have had no luck with It,it seems to have a metallic coating that wont let in light and will only come of in the fixer bath ,so next time i want to buy any green x-ray film I will just buy ordinary type ,so this film will go away until I can find a way to use it .I have found that the film can scratch / mark very easily when wet but when dry its as hard as nails .Please have a look at my albums and see what you think ,there are other prints there but the ones to see I have put the words x-ray film next to the comments .......
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