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Originally Posted by mmalby View Post
Thanks for your replies and feedback.

It looks like I need to move away from Ilfosol-3 when processing D3200, and experiment with Microphen and DD-X, and experiment processing @ 3200 & 6400.

I will be shooting another 35mm roll of D3200 this weekend, and when I've developed the roll I'll report back.

Thanks again for your help
Speed increasing developers such as Microphen are a lot more active than standard developers and can develop out the faintest exposure from the film. Unfortunately being highly active they also tend to build a lot bigger grain clumps. But if you need the speed then you have no option. But if 1600 is enough speed for you then DDX won't produce as much grain as Microphen will.

D3200 film, because its a fast film, is naturaly grainier than a slow film anyway. But some people really like the look it gives and in 120 format with DDX its not overly grainy at small to medium enlargement sizes.
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