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Originally Posted by John King View Post
Richard, what is the nearest relation to the original Rodinal that you know of?
There are 3 thast are vso close as to almost identical, RO9/one shot, that I use, I get it from Firstcall as it is a little cheaper, and I like the new softpak that makes it easier to exclude air, then there is the Foma RO9, and these are the 2 that seems to be the most widely available, and then ther is the Adox Adonal/Rodinal, that claims to be exactly the same formula that Adox used in their last version, and I have heard very good things about the Tetenal Paranol, and as I believe, but don't quote me, Tetenal make the 3 versions of Rodinal, it should be very good, I have never had problems with RO9/one shot, and I think that the D3200 Mike is talking anout is Delta 3200

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