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Dove Dale has been hit by Ash tree dieback (Chalara) wind bourne fungal disease. The surrounding limestone valleys have also been affected. The young trees die first the mature trees may take 20-30 years to die. I have taken quite a few photographs over the years of Ash trees in the peak. This may be a good opportunity to photograph the Peak District before most of the ash trees are all dead. It is forecast that 60-80% of ash trees will die, there is no cure. Ash is an invasive tree it has taken over in most of the limestone valleys, the disease may be natures way of checking the Ash trees proliferation. There is a fund were you can donate money for the planting of native trees in the Peak District in order to put the valleys back to how they were before the Ash took over (Woodland Trust).Part of the Dovedale path is now closed for cutting out the diseased trees.
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