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Default Humidity

Some months ago I started a thread concerning high temperatures and C41 film. I was going to use film instead of the dreaded digi on one of my tours to the southern part of Europe alnong the Austrian/Swiss/Italian border by motorcycle where the year before the temp went up to an almost constant 30-34 with accompanying high humidity.

I took the precaution of ensuring the cassettes of 35mm were only exposed to open air when loading or unloading the camera. Unloading the film it went straight into the cannister I had just taken the new film out of.
That worked perfectly and when I returned home I had 9 x 36 exp rolls of Fuji which developed perfectly.

I think that if you were to take a clip top plastic food box to put exposed 120 film that would do the same task. Perhaps even wrapping them in tin foil before putting them in the box would do the trick. If you could find a few sachets of Silica Gel to put in there too that wouldn't hurt either.

Just to clarify my point about dry tempering the tank in the waterbath, the tank did have the ready to be processed film inside. I found that the water at the top of the JOBO processor needed to heat the beakers to 38c was around 40C which is ample to warm up the film inside. It is one step less to do when processing as the tank warms up gradually to the working temp .

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