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thanks for the replies!

DaveInElland - I had been emailing a nice guy from the Bromoil Circle, he was very helpful, and thought he had a copy, but unfortunately I'm not sure if he found it. He gave me some great advice, so was positive, regardless. I have had a look through some of the books, as the technician at the darkroom I use, has them. The anniversary edition has some great work in it.

Terry - I have made a few Bromoils so far, and I have to say I found it relatively straight forward under instruction to get going. I got some pleasing results, and I am looking to work on my technique to create more. I can try sort out some pictures, the work is in sketchbooks, but might have a phone photo or two kicking about.
The technician I know, gave me a great demonstration, which started me off, and in someways I'm sure I could learn loads more from her, I just fancied the book as some holiday reading!
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