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Originally Posted by Martin Aislabie View Post
Film emulsion fractures easily with thermal shock.

So, in answer to your question - no I'm sure your first couple of seconds at wash water doesn't have to be at 38degC - but it will need to be 38 +/- 2~3C throughout the entire period - including the first couple of seconds.

One hears of many photographers who process their own film complain about grain - most are likely to be suffering from reticulation (fracturing of the film emulsion due to thermal shock)

Hope this helps


Thanks Martin

This response being the more conservative is the one Iím inclined to consider. So Iíll forget about the in-line electric water heater and stick with the heated water tank and pump. But also clear any water from the lines so that when it comes through to the film tank itíll be at temp (minus the initially thermal losses from the lines).

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