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Well I got round to developing 2 rolls yesterday without using stabiliser and they came out okay. I developed for 3min 30 secs but I might try and leave for another 15-30 seconds next time to see if it gives any more colour & contrast. Its hard to determine if I can improve the negs as the film was only cheap Agfa 200 or old expired Fuji 400 (expired in 2003) so colour is going to be a bit faded anyway.
My process was;
- wash & rinse in the heated water 38c
- Develop for 3min 30 sec @38c
- Blix for 6min 30 sec @35-37c
- Then rinse with warm tap water
- Finally I rinsed the film with Tetenal Mirasol (which I have been using for b&w development)

Overall I am finding colour developing quite easy, the only ball ache is getting the temperature spot on, other than that I am finding it easier than b&w.

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