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I am not certain but almost sure that it is the pub. It is part of a building called Bessie Surtees House which is next door. that building has a local tale attached, where 'Bessie' eloped with a wealthy young man. It is owned by Newcastle City Council, but leased out to English Heritage. Below is a clip off the web with more accuracy. The building is an imposing half timbered multi story construction.

Elizabeth "Bessie" Surtees (1754-1831) Elizabeth "Bessie" Surtees, daughter of a wealthy banker, and John Scott, later 1st Earl of Eldon, famously eloped against their families wishes in 1772. Leaving Bessie's House on Sandhill in Newcastle, the couple made their escape on horseback up Dog Leap Stairs, to marry in Scotland.

If you search on Bessie Surtees House there is more information including a photograph of the house..
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