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Default Ilford 500 lamp Issue

Hi All,

This is weird.

Today my left lamp blew on focus startup. No worries, i have 5 so i replaced it.

Well, the new lamp didn't work so i took it out and put another one in.

That didn't work either. I then put that lamp in the right hand position and it didn't work there.

Scratching head i took that lamp out and now i put the original right hand lamp in the left position and it worked, so that lamp worked both sides so i put it back where it started, in the right.

From here i replaced the left lamp 5 (FIVE) times with new lamps and none of them worked.

I know this sounds confusing but i can't have 5 dud in the box lamps can I ?

In a way i almost want to as it takes the heat off the head but i can't find anything wrong with them, no broken coil etc, they just don't work.

Perhaps the only way to find out is to buy more and see what happens with them but i thought i'd check here first.

It's a bit weird. I know the left socket works and i can't figure out 5 dead lamps, unless i got caught out on the auction site.

Any info appreciated.

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