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Default Bronica SQA lenses

After one hell of a year, leaving teaching and moving as far north as I could get without falling in the sea, I have finally set up my darkroom again! I took my beloved Bronny for a jaunt out west only to get frustrated with my lens, everything was either too far away or was lurking in the middle of a field that even with my gung ho attitude I wasn’t brave enough to wander into the field (highland cows are not known for their friendliness especially when they have a calf!) I have an 80mm lens on the bronica what do I need to look for lens wise to enable me to get closer? Eg a stunning derelict crofters cottage that was across a small valley but far to far away to get a decent shot, having driven around to get to the site I couldn’t get the shot from the front of the building because of the drop off two metres away from the front door! Help please!

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