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I would recommend that you check the weight of your camera, equipped with lens and film holder, before you choose a tripod. You also need to know the weight of the head you want to use. The legs must be rated to carry the combined weight of camera and head. The heads also have weight limits for the cameras they can hold securely. Once you take these factors into account, the range of suitable models narrows considerably.
I had thought the camera you have is metal, which would mean itís quite heavy. If it is wooden, it will be much lighter. I use a 4x5 monorail that weighs 11kg, without lens, etc. I bought the big Manfrotto pan and tilt head (029?), and a Calumet branded copy of the Manfrotto 075 tripod. That set-up works. It can be taken out and about, but is heavy. I have a Manfrotto 055 3section aluminium tripod, but itís not strong enough for my 4x5. Carbon fibre is much stronger, for a given weight of tripod (weight of tripod, rather than load capacity), so is a good option, but more expensive.
Whatever you go for, you want to end up with a head that secures the camera at any angle, and legs that wont wobble or collapse under the weight of camera and head.

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