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Thanks Ian and Uwe.

Ian, good to hear that you were able to use the Ilford method without problems. I did a lot of research on this and it is hardly mentioned at all anywhere and of those who do mention it there is a suspicion by me that many are not saying what their experience was as they have none but are simply saying what they have read and in some cases have probably embellished on in terms of the likelihood of the adverse consequences.

Interestingly enough there was a second post on Microphen here which I had also forgotten about where Big Paul had problems and in his case it seemed to revolve around the adding 10% time to each extra film. Based on what he was told by others including Rob Archer it looks as if there is no need to change times for the second film at all. This would make sense in that as Uwe has pointed out you can develop 2 x120 in one tank with 450ml presumably because 450ml of stock has twice the minimum quantity of chemicals required for 1 x120

So on that basis I presumably could consider a 1L of stock to be enough for 10 occasions of 2 x120 so a total of 20 x 120 films from 1L with the Ilford method This leaves the question of the increase in development time after each occasion. It may be that 5% increase is enough but I don't know?

Ian can you recall whether 10% increase was about right for film consistency or was this too big an increase?

So in summary I think I'll be conservative and stick to Ilford's 10 developments be that 120 or 35mm films and the question that leaves is whether Ilford's 10% increase in time is more than is required?


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