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Default My Entry for FADU 2010 - by Mark-NY

Mark is concluding our monthly feature with an excellent item on the five images he had accepted for FADU 2010.

Although I have made the post the work was written by Mark.

I would like to thank everyone who took part in this series.


My Entry for FADU 2010 - by Mark-NY

My interest in participating in FADU 2010 began almost immediately after joining FADU in September 2009. At that time FADU 2009 was being shown and the book of exhibition prints became available – which I promptly acquired. After viewing the book, I thought that just maybe this is something I could try to do. Subsequently, most everything I did photographically in the first half of last year was with the goal of producing prints that I thought would be of a quality suitable for entry in FADU 2010. Upon reflection there was one unexpected but very positive thing that came out of my participation. This was simply that through the process of making prints for submission I relearned film developing and printing techniques long forgotten and I experimented with new materials and techniques. In the end, I feel that the whole process resulted in my being a much better traditional photographer than I would have been otherwise. Below is a description of the images and/or processes used in making the prints that were selected for inclusion in FADU 2010.

Spookie Garden

This is perhaps my favourite of the five photographs submitted to FADU 2010 somewhat because I had such low expectations when the exposure was made. Looking for something to do on a summer’s evening we took a trip into Manhattan for dinner and then when the light was fading walked over to the Highline Park which is built upon an abandoned, elevated train track.

After shooting a number of frames, my wife suggested I shoot this scene. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the prospect but decided to humor her and made the best exposure I could. After developing the roll, I decided to try a print which turned out to be surprisingly promising. At a the next printing session I was trying out warm-tone paper for the first time and thought I would use this negative. The results were even more to my liking. Finally, I had also wanted to experiment with selenium toning and again used this photograph. The toning turned the warm tones to a deep, rich chocolate tone which I though really complimented the highlights. My wife takes great pleasure in this print being selected for publication in the FADU 2010 book.

Technical Details
  • Film: Kodak TMY-2
  • Camera: Rolleiflex 3.5F Type I
  • Lens: Planar f3.5
  • Developer: Xtol Stock
  • Paper / Developer: Adox Fine Print Variotone / Dektol 1:1
  • Toning: KRST 1:20, 5 minutes

Spookie Garden

Tulips and Rose & Bricks and Tones

Since returning to the darkroom several years ago, all my efforts have been in black and white. However, at some point I began to think about giving color a try just as an experiment and this interest ultimately led me to medium format transparency film. So, whenever I went out to photograph I always took an extra camera loaded with color slide film. After shooting five rolls I took them in to a professional lab in Manhattan for processing. Upon returning the next day to pick them up I viewed them on a light table and was absolutely astounded by the quality and clarity of the results. Later I remembered printing transparencies with Cibachrome some 30+ years ago and I thought this would make a unique entry for FADU 2010. I was able to track down one of the last Cibachrome labs in the US where I had two of the slides printed and, again, upon seeing the prints was just astounded.

Technical Details:
  • Film: Kodak E100 VS
  • Camera: Rolleiflex 3.5F Type I
  • Lens Planar f3.5
  • Exposure: Not Recorded
  • Processing: E6 – Lab
  • Printing: Cibachrome – Lab [contrast mask used for Tulips and Rose]

Tulips and Rose

Bricks and Tones

Clapboard House

This is another print that resulted from my experimentation with warm-tone paper and selenium toning. I had driven by this empty house several times during a trip to Maine and was taken by the thought of what it must have been like when it was occupied. One morning I got up early and drove back to the house to photograph it.

Technical Details:
  • Film: Adox CHS 100 Art
  • Camera: Rolleiflex 3.5F Type I
  • Lens: Planar f3.5
  • Developer: Xtol stock
  • Paper / Developer: Adox Fine Print Variotone / Dektol 1:1
  • Toning: KRST 1:20, 5 minutes

Clapboard House

Kids in Garden

While walking through the Conservancy Gardens in Central Park I turned a corner and came upon this subtle scene. The statue is fairly well known but hidden away in a remote corner of the Park. I returned several times to photograph the statue and surrounding grounds until I had one that I felt worked. It turned out to be a hard negative to print and required burning, dodging and multiple contrast settings – all techniques that were either new or ones not used in the many years away from darkroom printing.

Technical Details:
  • Film: Kodak TMY-2
  • Camera: Hasselblad 501 CM
  • Lens: Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8 T*
  • Developer: Xtol 1:1
  • Paper / Developer: Adox MCC 110 / Dektol 1:1
  • Toning: KRST 1:20, 8 minutes

Kids in Garden

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