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Originally Posted by big paul View Post
thank for that skellum I did have a look ,but there was nothing I needed there ,the trouble is if you want power 1000watts or more cost a lot of money new , I have notest that the older studio flashes that run of a pack have been slowly going up in price ,but if you look around you can still buy 1200 watts of light for say under 300 pounds ,as apposed to 1000s new I know I am taking a chance ,but I cannot afford to buy new . I hope Lostlabours is having better luck ....
I missed a Bowen's 800E which went for 9.99, I just forgot I was watching it on eBay

I'll get my A2000 head fixed it's most likely just a new tube and probably sell the 101 pack and get a 202 pack so I can get the full 3 kw output.

It's one of those strange ones buying almost a job lot is by far the best way to get bargains. I remember in the days of Bulletin boards going on alt.rec.darkroom and there was a huge collection of kit in Liverpool. everyone asked the seller to split the items, he and the family wouldn't.

The result was I had a near mint Durst M605, and loads of darkroom kit, plus an excellent near mint tripod Bowens BoLoght. Canon EF lenses. 3 colour anaysres , enlarger timers. a car full esentially of inexpected items.

I was even offered an evening meal which I reluctanly declined, I'd been working 12 hour days for a month, this was one of my first rolling 8 hour shifts after and I needed to get home to bed

I think the girl I bought the Elichrom kit off had essentially done the same and bought a lob lot or perhaps 2, it may all (or at least som,e) be ex BBC (according to one or two of the PAC test stickers0. It seems she used what she had a need for, just 3 500 heads, and the reste were in the way. Her partner Emma inicated she'd opted for smaller and lighter Elinchom D-lite heads.

My point is though good kit is out there and a fraction of dealers prices.

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