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Originally Posted by Tom Kershaw View Post
I agree, some of the prices direct from Ilford are a bit high.
Certainly back in the day when Harman owned the place the executive, Simon Galley who was the customer face either stated or at least strongly hinted that it was never going to be the Harman policy to attempt to be a rival to their customers who were the major retailers. I can recall very few if any "money off" offers

Since then Pemberstone has bought what everyone refers to as Ilford and I detect a subtle but clear change of policy in all manner of things

Certainly these "quick buy it now " offers are much more frequent and while they tend to match dealer prices only on rare occasions and then for limited periods only I do think that the new owners are open to new ideas and are constantly assessing what is the best approach for Pemberstone.

If I were a retailer then I'd not be depending on IlfordPhoto to maintain the relationship that Harman had with retailers or the individual consumers. Nothing will remain "set in stone"

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