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Default Ilford 500H pros/cons

Hello. I have a chance to buy an Omega enlarger with an ilford multigrade 500H head for a decent price. Now from what I understand of the 500H it is supposed to be a good head and hard to find. I'm not very familiar with it and so I would like to know if there are any sharp disadvantages to it and what the advantages may be.
I currently have a Omega D2 condenser with only the condenser for the 4x5 negs. I've not ever used it (it was given to me a few months ago) but have gone back to printing in a makeshift darkroom using two saunders 6700 enlargers - the variable contrast and dicro color head models.
I shoot 6x7 presently but have a stash of 6x6 and 35 negatives that I slowly want to go through over the next few years as well. So right now the 4x5 aspect is not important but it is nice to have something that does not limit one later - and used stuff is starting to disappear.

Any advice from some of you members who have more experience? Is this something to jump on or an item with disadvantages like high failure rates or something such as that? Thanks in advance. I have to make a decision later today.

THis is a great forum btw ... glad I found it!
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