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I'm fully stocked up, having taken advantage of a few % off offers recently, with various companies.

Free p/p with Ilford would be better in my view, as during one of these times, I took advantage and amongst other things, I purchased a 'student set' of MG filters. I had previously tried to buy a set from one of our sponsors who had a special offer on, but they came back to me saying that Ilford was only interested in supplying them if I wanted at least 100 sets, if I remember correctly, although it could have been more!

And so I bought them directly from Ilford (who had no minimum order! ) and were bought to replace the much faded ones in the plastic holders to go underneath the lens, that I've had for many years. And yes, it is a very easy job to do! Only a sharp blade to open the holders and cut the new filters to size, laying an old filter on top of the new ones to cut to size. No glue or anything else is required.

I haven't done any printing yet with these new filters and the also new MGV paper, but I expect to see a real difference, after comparing side by side the old and now new replacement ones. What a difference there is between them and I was quite happy with my prints previously with my older filters, so I'm really looking forward to the next darkroom session.

Terry S
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